Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Gifts For Him Made in America

The bracelets are made of REAL 550 paracord that is manufactured by a USA military contractor with 550+ lbs of break strength. So if you need emergency rope you have it around your wrist. 

These are the most common tools you need on the go. Hence the name Everyday Carry Kit (EDC). It's also a mini travel survival kit that you will always have nearby. How many times have you needed a screw driver, a lighter or tweezers. These tools aren't only a necessity they are the best in their class and made for military, police and firemen. The kit is also very compact and light - weighing only 2 ounces.

Leather Tool Belt Pouch
Construction projects are hard work but the pride of accomplishment makes it worth the sweat. This high quality leather tool pouch will last a lifetime no matter how tough your jobs are throughout the years.

Cowboy Water Bottle
Cowboys helped carve out the West and this iconic cowboy design with hat waving shows your love of the frontier. Carry it to work or attach it to your backpack was and put a giddy up to your day. It is 100% recycled aluminum 24 oz water bottle which is BPA-free.

The World's Softest Socks
We searched all over the USA for 9 months to find these special crew socks. They will get you excited about what a sock should be. When they arrive you will first notice how soft they are. Then you will feel the quality. They are thick, well-made, and undeniably cushy.

Presidential Soap Set
Ever since George Washington selected Number Six as his favorite fragrance, these presidential soap scents have been preferred by men of stature including two other USA Presidents - Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy. 


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