Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Stocking Stuffers Made in America

Christmas Stocking Filled With Toys Made in America
Delight the kids with a USA-made Christmas stocking filled with 8 toys from all over America. Each toy included is unique and is kid approved.

Guillow JetFire Balsa Glider Twin Pack - Made in Massachusetts
This is the original Guillow's Balsa Wood glider that started it all more than half a century ago. The Jetfire! We give you TWO USA made Jetfire Gliders so that you can share with a friend. They soar up to 25 feet. 

Nail Polish Set For Girls - Made in Arizona 
This Girl's Starter Nail Kit is fun for Moms, Grandmothers and daughters to do together. Girls love to own their personal kit nail kit instead of borrowing Mom's supplies.

USA Train Whistle - Made in Vermont
This USA made Flag Train Whistle sounds just like a real honest-to-goodness train. Crafted from responsibly harvested pine and high quality birch plywood.

Toddler & Children's hickory striped overalls and train conductor hat also available to complete the set. 

Green & Tan Army Men Reissued From the 1970's - Made in Michigan
They are back! This bag of 100 plastic army guys is proudly Made in USA. There are 12 different figures and all your old favorites are included.

Gyroscope With Retro Box - Made in Indiana
Packed in a box reminiscent of the package from the 1950's, this is the original Made in USA toy gyroscope first produced in 1917. Pull the string to start the wheel spinning. The gyroscope will balance on a pencil point, a string, the tip of your finger, or just about anywhere!