Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Top 10 Urban Survival Products Made in the USA

Cultivating an independent lifestyle can be a fun and useful way to pass the time, both embracing the American spirit of individualism and preparing for potential natural or other disasters. To get started on an urban survival kit, you need to find the best survival gear. And who makes the best survival gear? Why, the USA of course! Here are our Top 10 recommendations for made in USA survival products.

1. First Aid Kit - Of course, no survival kit would be complete without materials to treat injuries! This compact, portable first aid kit contains all the essentials, like antibiotic ointment, bandages, gauze pads, and antiseptic wipes. All in an easy to transport carrying case!

2. Everyday Carry (EDC) Kit - This kit includes a selection of some of the most valuable survival tools, small enough to fit on a keychain and carry with you every day! Included in the set are a flathead and Phillips screwdriver, a pair of the highest-quality American-made precision tweezers, and a waterproof lighter for lighting candles or starting up a campfire.

3. Water Bottle  - With the proper tools to find, a durable water bottle to secure fluids is an essential survival tool.  Aluminum water bottles with tightly fastened tops allow for better storage and protection of fluids. Most importantly, water is essential for survival. With over 10 designs to choose from, you can be assured to find the right water bottle for you.

4. USB Solar Charger – With a USB solar charger in hand, you can keep your technology running when the power is out no matter where you are. This solar charger is lightweight and compact, making it easy to integrate into a small survival kit. Provides 1.5 watts of power and charges 2 AA batteries in about 4 hours. Perfect for charging a GPS device or smartphone.

5. Paracord Survival Bracelet - Stylish and functional, a paracord bracelet is a perfect addition to your survival gear collection. Each bracelet is made from wound paracord capable of holding 550+ pounds. So in an emergency, you can simply unravel the bracelet and use the rope for numerous survival needs.

6. Collapsible Buck Saw - A saw is an invaluable tool for a survivalist. Unfortunately, many are bulky and difficult to transport. This collapsible saw folds up into a compact transportable package, making it perfect for a survival kit.

7. Waterproof Journal - This journal is small, durable, and made of special American designed and manufactured paper which will resist water damage from rain or flood! The water-resistant journal is also perfect for keeping survival notes in tough situations.

8. Herb Seed Kit - One of the best ways to stay safe in a survival situation is to have the ability to produce your own food. An herb seed kit like this one is perfect for the task, providing seeds for growing all your favorite herbs like mint, basil, and thyme in a compact package.

9. Mobile Foodie Survival Spice Kit - In keeping with the food theme of the herb kit, you may also want to get a hold of this mobile spice rack. It comes with a variety of spices (even wasabi powder) to keep your food interesting and palatable even in difficult situations. Being in survival mode doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice all your comforts!

10. Metal Tube Wringer - When stores are closed and supplies are limited, you want to get every last drop out of your materials. With this tube wringer, you can extract every last bit of glue, ointment, or other tubed products from their packaging.

Have you ever made a survival or bug-out kit? Let us know what kinds of Made-in-America items you keep in it in the comments below.

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